Ix̱t Kéetʼaach Saaní – Shaman Named Kéetʼaach

Alder, Abalone, Horse Hair, Acrylic Paint 

  • 11.5″h
  • 5.5″w
  • 12.5″d

“My first mask. Family lore reveals that our name, “Ketah”, comes from an individual named Kéetʼaach. It is believed that he was an important man, likely a Shaman. In my work, I feel the spirit of my ancestors in some way guiding me. I have often thought of Kéetʼaach, and wondered what he would think of my work. This has led to a personal mantra as I continue as a culture bearer, that is, “what kind of ancestor will you be?” 

– Eechdaa

The Shaman Mask

Currently on display at Stonington Gallery