Sheldon Jackson Museum

Alaska Native Artist Residency Program.

Sitka, AK – July 8 through July 30, 2022.

Eechdaa is the first in the lineup for the Sheldon Jackson Museum’s Alaska Native Artist Residency Program for 2022!

Eechdaa Dave Ketah is a Tlingit carver, drum maker and painter. He will be the artist-in-residence at the Sheldon Jackson Museum and working most days at the museum from July 8th until July 30th.

Ketah was born and raised in Ketchikan. His ancestors are the Hinyaa from the south of Lingít aani (Tlingit land – Southeast Alaska). For years, what he knew about his Tlingit identity came from what his grandmother taught him as a boy. Living outside Lingít aani for most of his adult life, he struggled against assimilation into the dominant culture through learning from reading, the internet, and museum visits.

The pandemic opened new opportunities and was the catalyst in Ketah becoming a practicing student of his language and the creative expressions of formline design, carving, and regalia making.

Ketah pursues growth as an artist with a passionate approach and prolific productivity.

He and his wife have two children, who are also just beginning to explore their Tlingit and Inupiat heritage.

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