Shaawát Ḵugáas

  • 24″h
  • 7″w
  • 5″d

Spalted Alder, Horse Hair, Acrylic Paint 

Height includes hair. Without the hair, the mask is 9.5″ tall.

One day Raven (the Trickster figure involved in many of the Creation stories of Northwest Coast mythology) flew up to the Sky World and fell in love with a young, ethereal woman. Raven asked her father if he could marry her. The young woman’s father asked for Raven’s assurance that he would care for the young woman with love and treat her with respect. They marry. One day Raven was impatient as the young woman seemed not to have gathered food, which was among her responsibilities. Instead, she had become focused on teaching herself how to weave. His impatience increased, and this led to an argument. The young woman took her weaving, scooped it down into the river, and pulled out an abundant amount of salmon. Hers is the world’s first woven basket and was the moment when the world’s first salmon emerged in the rivers. Unhappy with Raven’s impatience and how he communicated with her, she walked away from the river and continued beyond and away from Raven forever, flowing back up into the Sky World, drifting back up into the air as fog.

– Eechdaa

Stonington Gallery – SOLD