Du Xux Mask

Du X̱úx̱ – Her Husband Mask

Alder, Abalone, Horse Hair, Acrylic Paint 

  • 12″h
  • 7.75″w
  • 13.5″d

“The brave father of the two cubs in the story of the woman who married a bear. Ferocity in defending his family to the point of ultimate sacrifice demonstrates the heroic for hearers of the story. Those hearers were the generations of Tlingit people acquiring their cultural literacy and education through oral tradition. I chose to project the canine teeth beyond the plane of the other teeth (a design element that I have not seen in any other work) as a symbol. That is, to symbolize the way that many have to move beyond convention to advocate for, or defend, that which we hold dear.”

– Eechdaa

Currently on display at Stonington Gallery